New Year, New Medical Aid?

Medical Aid: What you need to consider


The time of year is fast approaching where schemes will announce their 2018 rate and benefit changes. So, it’s the perfect time to review your Medical AId  policy and decide whether you’ll need to upgrade or downgrade your current plan. Here are a few factors you should consider before changing your Medical Aid option for next year…

Evaluate your healthcare needs
If you have a chronic condition or ongoing health problems, you might want to consider comprehensiveMedical Aid. If you wear glasses or regularly visit the dentist, look for a plan that makes provisions for this. A hospital plan might be the right choice for you, if you are generally healthy and don’t have a family history of healthcare problems.
Decide what you can afford
Obviously all of us would like to have top of the range healthcare cover but unfortunately this comes with a price. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the right cover for your specific healthcare needs and budget.

Change your plan
Medical Aid schemes usually only allow their members to upgrade or downgrade their option/plan at the end of the year. So, review your current plan and benefits to determine whether you still have the right cover in place.