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  • F E A T U R E S
  • Patient-friendly Invoices
  • Fully Compliant Statements
  • Accepted by All Medical Schemes
  • Submit Claims via EDI
  • Healthbridge, Mediswitch or Datamax
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Control Your Own Billing
  • Skinny Computer IT Requirements
  • Evolving Constantly Since 1984
  • Runs on 32-Bit Windows 10

On-Premise Practice Management Software for
GP's, Dentists, Allied Professionals, Clinics & Theatres

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Features List

We are always adding exciting new features --- our current feature list consists of these (and even more):

Patient Management

  • Patient demographics
  • Contact details
  • Medical aid details
  • Allocate to doctor/rooms
  • Up to 99 dependents
  • Dependent no/id no/dob
  • Gender/category allocation

Billing & Claims

  • Fast patient/member code capture
  • Back or forward date invoices
  • Diagnosis code/ICD-10 lookup
  • Extension diagnosis
  • Enter cons/proc/inje/drug on-the-fly
  • Print invoice to hand to patient
  • Accept payment cash/eft/credit card

Master Files

  • Patient/Member
  • Cons/proc/inje/drug, ICD-10, medical aids
  • Unlimited entries of all types
  • Full customisation (own codes)
  • Compliance switch for billing


  • Daily record
  • Treatment Statistics
  • Financial summary
  • Payment report
  • Aged analysis
  • Billing analysis
  • Consolidated medical aid analysis
  • EDI transmission log

Custom Settings

  • Full access to practice details
  • Alter dispensing markup
  • Change VAT rate
  • Multiple printers
  • Personalised statements

Practice Management

  • Access all data comprehensively
  • Deep insight reports e.g. ave. value of patient
  • Optional charge interest
  • Diary/scheduler function
  • Free optional software updates
  • Annual tariff updates

On-Premise Practice Management Software for
GP's, Dentists, Allied Professionals, Clinics & Theatres

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Medinol


If you are a private doctor, dentist or allied healthcare provider, then Medinol is the Medical Billing Software Solution that’s been engineered do deal with one of practice’s most challenging aspects. Medinol’s mission, quite simply, is to help you get paid in the shortest possible time after the patient has been treated.


Whether your medical claims need to be routed electronically (via EDI) to medical aids and schemes, or submitted via snail-mail paper claims to the patient, the Medinol system is all you need to take care of your revenue needs. Medinol produces EDI submissions, OTC bills, Paper Claims and Email statements.


Medinol is affordable software with many time- and money-saving features. You’ll find it easy to use, comprehensive enough to manage all aspects of your medical billing and claims. Billing time will be cut down to a few minutes per patient. And your billing and claims will be formulated correctly.


We believe primary care is a calling: no one starts a practice with a short-term outlook. If you plan on being in practice for a long time, you’ve come to the right place. Health care providers have been using Medinol since 1984. Reliable, quick and totally effective. It offers everything your billing department needs to win the fight.


And if you need to call us for help outside of normal working hours? You will get greeted by a real person who can help you immediately. Guaranteed to make you happy with your purchase. At the end of the day, you need a system that delivers concrete results: medical billing and claims that can be performed quickly and accurately.

On-Premise Practice Management Software for
GP's, Dentists, Allied Professionals, Clinics & Theatres

How Medinol Works With Your Medical Billing and Claims

  • Admit patient at front-desk
  • Determine whether cash or medical aid patient
  • Check for benefits
  • Register then admit patient to consulting room
  • Receive patient after treatment
  • Use Medinol to capture encounter details
  • Create batch of claims
  • Review claims for correctness
  • Submit batch electronically via EDI
  • Re-file patient card/folder
  • Review EDI Feedback Reports
  • Correct rejected claims and resubmit
  • Receive medical aid remittance
  • Use Medinol to capture payments
  • Use Medinol to print credit control reports

Unleash your practice’s true revenue potential with Medinol – easy to learn, simple to use, yet it’s an electronic medical billing software sophisticated enough to meet today’s complex billing environment.

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On-Premise Practice Management Software for
GP's, Dentists, Allied Professionals, Clinics & Theatres

Medinol Practice Management Software

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