Medical Aid Claims Software

What Makes Our Medical Aid Claims Software Different?

If you like to provide an effective and professional service to your patients, Medinol provides you with the tools to accomplish your work.


Here are 7 ways how:

  1. We adhere very strictly to the requirements of the Medical Schemes Act – since 1984!
  2. We submit accounts electronically via EDI to 99% of South African Medical Aids.
  3. We subscribe to the recommended data hierarchy:
    administrator->medical aid->member->dependent.
  4. We allow you the practitioner to determine the price you wish to charge for treatment you render.
  5. We provide easy ways to handle patients switching from one medical aid to another.
  6. Account generation is automated so that no claim falls through the cracks.
  7. We believe that batch processing offers the greatest safety by preventing what could be perceived as fraudulent claims.


Interested in putting Medinol to work in your practice?

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