Bankmed Changes 2015

Effective 1 January 2015 the following changes will apply on Bankmed:

1. The Human Papilloema Virus (HPV) Vaccine will be covered at 100% of the Scheme’s medicine reference price, limited to a

total course of three doses (administered four months apart) per female beneficiary between the ages of 9 to 16.

2. Oral contraceptive benefits limit will increase to R1500 per beneficiary per annum. Once the patients limit is reached a

message will be returned to the provider that the claim will be funded from the member’s day to day benefits.

3. The following Authorised Chronic Appliances can be obtained on the acute option without additional motivation or scheme

approval, to the value indicated below:

Blood Pressure Monitor R920

Nebuliser R1295

Glucometer R650

4. Ondansetron containing products will be funded from the acute benefit at a maximum quantity of 15 tablets a month up to 45 tablets in 365 days. Rejection RMR 136 (Chronic preauth required by Scheme) will be returned once the patients limit has been reached.