Medical Practice Software

Integration of Medical Practice  Software

Doctors everywhere are looking to upgrade IT in their practices. This improves the efficiency of their admin staff by allow more activities to be automated this reducing manual labour. Technology is a big part of becoming efficient and moving towards a smoother running practice.

The health care industry already knows firsthand about technology. Technology has greatly improved how patients are diagnosed and treated. Adoption of technology has been used to develop life-saving treatments.

Therefore, doctors and dentists already know how invaluable IT is. Recently, many have begun to use more and more of IT in the management of their practices. Increased adoption is in the realm of practice management software.

Practice management software has a rich list of useful features. Through active use these features lead to better insight into the happenings at the practice, increased speed and certainly increased effectiveness. Pro-actively using practice management software offers superior decision-making and highly efficient results.

Besides just the billing of claims to medical aids and patients, practice management software has many beneficial features for practices. We all know how very time-consuming claim submission can be for a practice, we indeed recommend that this be the area to focus on first. In today’s warp-speed world, you are virtually compelled to submit accounts electronically via EDI.

Electronic claims must be data-perfect! They must have the proper diagnosis or ICD10 codes, and tariff or procedure codes. Improper codes and incomplete claims will be summarily rejected. Use your practice management software to ensure that the data are correct at the time of billing, and review your claims prior to submission.

If claims contain errors, fix them prior to submission. This is an efficient use of time so work is not doubled up on. And don’t forget to close the loop by tracking all paid and unpaid claims by medical aids and patient.

Credit control is a particularly difficult and unpleasant activity in most practices. Your staff dread having to call medical aids and patients in order collect on unpaid accounts. This is, however, a vital function: your practice loses money each day the medical claims remain unpaid. Utilizing the features of your Medinol practice management software can go a long way towards managing the debt and providing information to help your practice collect.

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