Medinol Practice Management Software

What is Medinol Practice Management Software?

Medinol is a Practice Management System which allows for the capturing,  processing, submission and management of health care claims.

These claims are directed towards either Health Care Funders (medical aids) or Patient/Members.

Medinol Practice Management Software conforms fully to all statutory and funder requirements. Our preferred mode of submission is electronic via EDI.

Medinol Practice Management Software  is marketed and supported by Better Practice Management cc.

We are based in the Western Cape, but serve practitioners country-wide.

Tel: (021) 906 2296 Fax: 0865-141-535 Cell: 082-688-9610 Email:  info@medinol.co.za

Who uses Medinol?

The Medinol Practice Management Software system is so powerful and flexible that it is suitable for Health Care Service Providers of all sizes – from small to large group practices.

It is used by the following private health care practitioners:

  • Medical GPs and Specialists
  • Dental Practitioners and Laboratories
  • Theatres
  • All registered allied health professionals

No special IT skills are required to use it.

Why use Medinol?

Because it works, that’s why! Private practitioners own the responsibility for getting paid. Medinol Practice Management Software, correctly implemented, means using it live from day one, and getting money flowing into your bank account within seven to ten days.

Rest with confidence in our care. We have been doing what we do since 1984!

If you’re looking for a system that’s dead easy, reliable, robust, and makes you look professional, then look no further.

How do I get started with Medinol Practice Management Software?

We understand that individual practices operate uniquely. And we are able to serve you in the way that works best for you and your staff. With this in mind we invite you to call us on (021) 906-2296 for a quick chat to find out at what position you’re currently in and where you see yourself going.

Based on this we can tailor an offer crafted to precisely your needs.

There is no obligation.

Medinol Practice Management Software

Medinol Practice Management Software



  1. Sandi Hagemann
    2012-07-16 @ 1:05 pm

    Hi, please let me know if you can help. We are a 5 dicipline practice in Durban, looking for a practice management software package which will enable us to have an appointment system, billing and coding, submission of electronic and paper claims, emailing of invoices, reporting and data extraction, etc Please contact me if you can help.
    Kind regards
    Sandi Hagemann
    Sharks Medical

  2. admin
    2012-07-17 @ 12:10 pm

    Hi Sandi

    Thanks for inquiring about Medinol.

    Do have a squizz here for some pertinent information.

    Regarding your specific requirements:
    5 discipline practice: Medinol is supplied on a BHF practice number basis. So each practitioner will have to acquire their own package. However, if each practitioner is of the same discipline, and there is a single computer or network server they will be sharing, then a discount of 35% will be offered to each.
    KZN-based practice: This represents no problem at all. We ship the package to you via courier, then install, commission and train the operator via remote.
    Appointment system: We do have a very rudamentary appointment system built into Medinol, but it’s very limited – e.g. manipulating bookings are a schlepp – so I don’t really think this aspect will work for you.
    Billing and Coding: This is our forte. Medinol is fast and very efficient. And fully compliant with all requirements.
    Submission of electronic and paper claims: Here again, Medinol excels in it flexibility. Our emphasis being on your getting paid speedily by patients and medical aids.
    Emailing of invoices: Yes, indeed. Medinol’s printer-driver software allows for the output of PDF files which are great for attaching and sending via emails, as well as archiving.
    Reporting: Medinol has a host of reports aimed at a) practice administrator – error checking, etc. and b) practice manager – qualitative evaluation.
    Data Extraction: All data files are in industry standard .DBF files. These can be access without restriction by packages such as Excel!

    I do realize that this may not be everything you need. But here’s to hoping we can find common ground – we’d love to get involved.


    Fudley Bezuidenhout
    021 906 2296

  3. Sandi Hagemann
    2012-07-18 @ 6:23 pm

    Thanks Fudley
    Unfortunatley the scheduling is quite a big part of the requirement.
    What is the cost per practice?

  4. admin
    2012-07-27 @ 9:03 am

    Let me firstly explore whether I can find a great scheduling package for you. Did you say the practitioners are all of the same discipline?


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