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Well-Run Dental Practice

A poorly run dental practice is inexcusable in today’s electronic and connected world. Without exception every single dental practice should have dental software in place that handles electronic billing, electronic claims and serves as practice management software.

A dentist cannot afford to misplace or lose a patients records or x-rays. Neither can he or she make avoidable mistakes in submitting dental claims to medical aids. There are very unpleasant consequences.

And if a patient has to wage an acrinomous war with their medical aid over an erroneous claim or unnecessary billing error, chances are they won’t be back.

Thankfully for dental surgeries today it has never been easier to save time, papper and effort on the part of their staff, by implementing a new professional dental billing system, or dental practice management software.


Recommended Dental Software

Systems like Medinol practice management software are easy to buy, easy to install, and easy for your staff to understand and operate. It has never been easier to manage your patient demographic information, stay on to of medical aid information, retain control over your tariff and billing codes, and have electronic access to dental ICD 10 diagnostic codes.

Overseas, the hottest professional dental billing and dental practice management systems that are trending up in the market today perform a myriad of amazing and time saving functions such as:
· Dental quotations
· Clinically charting each patient’s treatment plan
· Appointment scheduling
· SMSing text messages
· Emailing patient statements
· EMail/SMSing out patient letters, advertisements and visit reminders
· Oral imaging and Xray integration
· Complete office staff management including timesheets, leave schedules and salary slips
· Paperless environment with cloud  data backup


Practice Management Software Vendor

Systems such as the above are incredibly complex. So make sure you get into bed with a vendor who is in it for the long haul, and understands your workflow. You want a supplier who has the technical expertise as well as the best response time when you need them.

It may take some a while and substantial research to determine the best dental software and supplier that’s right for your practice. But, once you have these in place, your patients will be better served, your staff happier, you will rediscover the joy of focusing once again on providing quality patient dental care. Most important of all, your bottom line profits will soon start to look healthy again!


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