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Medinol Medical Software is an effective and efficient IT solution for a private practitioner or a small group practice to completely look after and take care of its income needs.

With the right software in place, you the doctor or dentist can look after your patients’ care better and spend less time with then administration of your practice. The outcome is a more satisfying patient-doctor relationship as well as a better service from the supportive medical and administrative staff.

The beauty about the Medinol Practice Management software is that for a small investment, you get the package installed, staff training includes, the very best in support, and hassle free peace-of-mind operation.

Medical Software Billing and Claims

Automating the billing and claims aspect of your practice with medical software is no easy task. Expect to spend a lot of time researching the web, speaking to colleagues, requesting and sitting in on demos, and evaluating total costs to your practice.

In most cases there is the possibility to enter into a service contract with a software company for the use of a reasonably priced medical software system that offers basic, easy to learn and convenient to use features.

Securing your income with Medical Software

When it comes to your income, and the associate risks, it would be to your advantage to identify medical software which is focused on gilling and claims: both patient and medical aid. Look for a practice management software vendor, such as Better Practice Management, that provides training and support in the use of their medical software system covering practice management automation as well as electronic billing, coding, dealing with patients, EDI hubs, medical aids, claim rejection management and resubmission of claims, etc.

Modern medical aid dental practices are best served when the medical software they acquire not only has the capacity to provide medical aid and patient billing, account receivables monitoring and electronic transmission of claims using EDI and credit control.

Where Medinol Medical Software Excels

One medical software which caters to small and medium health care practices for many years now (since 1984) is Medinol Practice Management Software, from Better Practice Management.

With its small footprint, easy to install process, easy to train and use facilities, the medical software is ideally suited to health care practices which operate under adverse conditions. These include townships, previously disadvantaged areas, financially challenged areas with high unemployment rates, high migrant areas, seasonal workers, and sick fund covered members.

Medinol medical software is easy to learn and easy to use. Once your paper work is completed, you can start immediately with remote installation and online training. You should be able to start billing and submitting medical claims before the close of business. Medinol practice management software is effecient enough to get your payments in from the medical aids within 10 days!

Medinol medical aid billing sends all of your electronic claims exclusively through any one of 3 different carriers or EDI hubs: Mediswitch, Datamax or Healthbridge. Almost 95% of all medical aids prefer to accept accounts electronically via EDI. The fee is in the region of 1.1% per value of the claim.

If you will analyze the resultant low monthly running costs of Medinol Medical Software, the benefits you will gain in terms of reduced operational costs, faster collections and bigger revenues on the financial side and patient satisfaction, security and safety of your patient data base on the patient care side, saving in postage costs far outweigh the miniscule fees.


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