Medical Software For Managing Your Practice

The Effects of Medical Software in your Practice

In today’s modern, hi-tech world things turbulently move at such a high pace that we all sometimes have difficulty keeping up. One of the areas that has been especially impacted is in the field of providing medical services. In today’s world medical software has become a ‘must have’ part of an efficient medical practice that hopes to keep up with the pace of demands.

Medical Records

In South Africa, the norm is still that medical records kept the old fashioned way, in paper files or folders. Understandibly, this is not only time consuming but tends to occupy a great deal of space as well. Overseas modern, up-to-date medical practices, take advantage of the many excellent types of software which provide more accurate records, both for patient care and for medical aid billing.

Medical Billing

An important part of medical practice administration is billing accurately and timeously. The practice must get paid for services rendered so it encompasses billing the medical aids and, oftentimes the patient in th event he/she is not covered for benefits. Judicious use of this software minimises the danger of errors and it speeds up the return of cash flow to the practice as well.

When considering installing medical software, an evaluation of the needs of the practice should be conducted, concerning all handling of patient records, billing and medical claims. This would include identifying the tasks that are being performed, how long it takes, and the time frame between actual billing and payment received. When unproductive tasks are identified, duplication or wasting time, and therefore money, this undoubtedly indicates the necessity to acquire and install a medical software system that is both profitable, time efficient and provides ffrictionless operation in the practice.

Patient Encounter

When a patient comes into the practice, and is treated, the medical software allows for the correct coding of the diagnosis and procedure. Each of the diagnostic codes (ICD 10) represents a certain condition diagnoses by the doctor, upper respiratory tract infection, chronic bronchitis, broken collar bone or some other reason for the patient’s visit to the doctor. Generally the administration (back office) staff would capeture the codes onto the encounter record, and so doing create the bill for the patient or medical aid. Once the bill hase been completed and checked, it is saved and converted to a medical claim. It is this claim which is now destined either for the patient or for the medical aid.

Medical Claim

Once the medical claim is received by the medical aid either electronically via EDI or paper, the medical aid assessment department will evaluate similar code, check to see if it’s eligible for benefits, and immediately determine the treatment and the amount of payment allowed.

Electronic Claims EDI means faster payment

One of the excellent features of the medical software such as Medinol in conjuncion with Mediswitch is being able to submit claims electronically, which means greater accuracy and hence being paid faster. This is not only effective for claiming from medical aids but for many patients who are resposible for co-payment and exclusions: other treatment items that are not covered by their medical aid. This can go a long way to reduce the problems of mailing, waiting for postal delivery and return, as well as other mail interception problems.

Treat your Practice as a Business

Most doctors who run their own practices realise that to be a success they need to look at keeping their practice running as a profitable business. This simply cannot be done if you are using old time methods of record keeping and storage. Medical billing and claims, with medical software, is an option that allows your staff to forcus more of their time on other tasks which ultimately lead to more attentive patient care. As a positive outcome with Medical Software in your practice you will find receiving payments is much quicker and there are less disputes and reduction in queries when electronic records you have on file are clearly reflect time, date, problem and treatment done.

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