Medical Aids or Schemes Administered by Dental Risk Company DRC


Date: 1 Feb 2018


Dental Risk Company DRC provides its services to these medical aid schemes and administrators:


CareCross Administered Clients

·                 Bestmed Pulse 1

·                 Medicall Healthcare

·                 DomestiCare Plus

·                 Horizon Major Medical Plan CareCross

·                 Liberty Traditional

·                 Moto Health Custom Option

·                 Moto Health Essential Option

·                 OCSA Care Silver Plus Option

·                 OCSA Care Gold Option

·                 Old Mutual Staff Network Plan

·                 Platinum Health Platcap Option

·                 Wooltru Core Option

·                 Selfmed Selfnet Option


Discovery Administered Clients

·                 Discovery Health KeyCare Plus Option

·                 Discovery Health KeyCare Access Options

·                 LA Health KeyCare Option

·                 Quantum Health KeyCare Option

·                 Discovery Primary Care Option

·                 Remedi Option

·                 Bankmed Basic Option

·                 Wits Keycare Option


Eminent Administered Clients

·                 NUFAWSA Standard and Select Options

·                 Furnmed Compulsory and Continuation Options


Moto Health Care

·                 Optimum Option

·                 Classic Option



·                 ProPinnacle Option

·                 ProSecure Plus Option

·                 ProSecure Option

·                 ProActive Plus Option (In-hospital authorisations only)

·                 ProActive Option (In-hospital authorisations only)



·                 State Plus Own Choice Option

·                 Guardian Option (SATS Pensioners)



·                 Complete Standard Option

·                 Complete Select Option


Affinity Health

·                 Comprehensive Option

·                 Day To Day Option

·                 P2 Lonmin Mining Option


Affinity HealthAffinity Dental Plan

·                 Silver Option

·                 Gold Option

·                 Platinum Option

·                 Platinum Plus Option





·                 Topmed Network Option

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