Medical Aid Billing as a Business

Medical Aid Billing as a Business

Can You Outsource Medical Aid Billing?


A Medical billing service can be performed at home or over the Internet, on either a regular or a part-time basis. There is a high demand for a medical billing service, and hence there is understandably large competition in the medical billing market. There are a number of large and well-established medical billing business firms that fairly dominate the market these days.

Capturing medical billing, preparing electronic or paper claims for the medical aids and patients is an integral part of the medical billing service.

Today, a number of medical billing software packages are available to automate this function for you. These packages can either be leased month, purchased outright, or licensed on an annual bases. It is imperative that you pick a billing software package that works the way you do. It is you who will have to to capture all patient information into the software, generate the billing charges, submit the claims electronically, deal with all the rejections, and control the bad debt.

Medical billing services involves many other important functions such as handling all patient billing inquiries, submitting reports to the doctor, posting payments, mailing patient’s statements and following-up all unpaid medical aid claims. You may even have to challenge denials.

The medical billing business usually requires many specialized skills and knowledge that can be acquired through education and training, and oftentimes experience in working in a medical practice.

The first step in entering the medical billing business is to become full au fait with coding and billing. Read up on it and if necessary take a course. You should ensure that the course offered will cover all the aspects of medical billing such as basic medical terminology, an medical aid claim’s life-cycle, and basic claiming process for medical aids, sick funds and third party reimbursements.

Medical billing services can be started like any other businesses. In South Africa permits and licenses are not essential for starting a medical billing business.


Medinol is one of the few purpose-built practice management application to meet the unique needs of independent private healthcare providers.

Today Medinol helps over 130 providers throughout South Africa run more efficient and profitable practices, while delivering outstanding patient care.

As an on-premise software, Medinol and the data it manages, is fully under your control. This enhances your independence and privacy: what happens in your rooms, stays in your rooms.

Medinol helps manage your patient information, generates your billings, submits your claims, controls your outstanding debtors, and get your accounts paid quickly.

Medinol has been in operation since 1984, demonstrating its proven efficacy.

Medinol’s mission is to help independent practices succeed in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

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