Importance of Medical Billing and Claims

Billing and Claims of Vital Importance

The sheer numbers of practices with inefficient billing and claims processes is truly frightning. The fact of the matter is that vast sums are wasted each year due to the incorrect handling of billing and claims issues.

It is because the amount of time and effort required to manage this area of a healthcare practice is daunting, leading to a lot of the back-end functions being relegated in importance, hence the inefficiency despite their best efforts.

Billing and claims is a under-resourced area in a medical or dental practice that could benefit vastly from an improvement in skills via training.

Once way of addressing the issue use medical practice management software to handle all of the requirements that arise with billing and claims. As an essential goal leading edge medical software should take care of all the issues surrounding billing and claims. Imagine the amount of time, money, and numerous other resources that can be saved by employing technology to do the grunt work.

As of right now, the entire world is enjoying enormous benefits and efficiencies of advanced technology, so isn’t it time that even the billing and claims department adopt the same?

If your quest for great practice management software cannot be allowed to fail, then there are three major factors you will need to consider to have the medical claims and billing successfully integrated. The the medical software fails in these tasks it’s of no use to your healthcare practice.


1. A reduction in claims rejected by medical aids which leads to subsequently faster payments: Choose medical practice management software that provides checks, balances and audits. This will go a long way to ensure that all claims are accurate, and thus reduce the number of rejections significantly meaning that the vast majority of claims should have a smooth unimpeeded journey to the medical aids.

Any rejected claim causes time and resources to be wasted, and so fewer rejections mean that your practice will be functioning more efficiently. And with reductions in number of rejected claims, then automatically, the payments received will be remitted faster to the practice.


2. Claims formulation and processing: You practice management software should save time and money when it comes to claim processing and submission to the medical aids. The fact that you can easily submit your claim electronically via EDI, minimizes the amount of paperwork, which in turn cuts practice expenses on two distinct fronts (less paper and less man/woman hours). This allows the practice staff members to apply themselves to other tasks and deliver a better service to the patient. EDI also speeds up the payment process as well.


3. Rejections processing: When you use medical practice management software to integrate billing and claims, rejections, though drastically lowered, they still will realistically not be completely eradicated. Rejections are still bound to happen which means that rejection processing is vitally important when handling electronic account submission.


With the right medical practice management software installed, there is great benefits to a healthcare practice: reduced costs, enhanced performance and even upskilling of staff members. The benefits are obvious: improved accuracy, easier and faster claims processing, reduction in mistakes and happier employees.

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