Xstrata Name Change to Glencore 2014-01-01

On 1 January 2014, the Xstrata Alloys Medical Aid Scheme name will change to Glencore Medical Scheme, and all our members will receive a new membership card (as shown on the right) with their existing membership number during the first quarter of 2014.

The Scheme has also removed the 20% co-payment from certain benefits and introduced monetary limits for acute medicines, out-of-hospital pathology and additional medical services in hospital. Set out below are some of the Scheme’s benefit limits for 2014 including the new monetary limits: Benefit

Monetary limits

Acute medicines

Member: R4,000

Member +1 dependant: R7,000

Member +2 dependants: R9,000

Member +3 or more dependants: R10,000

Medicine on discharge from hospital (TTOs) subject to the Acute medicine limit

R392 per beneficiary per admission

Over the counter medicine subject to the Acute medicine limit

R 1,300 per family with a maximum of R323 per script

GP and Specialist consultations out-of-hospital

Member: R4,000

Member +1 dependant: R6,000

Member +2 dependants: R8,000

Member + 3 or more dependants: R10,000

Related maternity services

R6,466 per family

Additional medical services

In-hospital: R10,000 per family

Out-of-hospital: R3,578 per family

Rehab for substance abuse

Included in the Mental Health limit


In hospital: Subject to the overall annual limit

Out-of-hospital: R7,200