When prevention is better than a cure



The truth finally disclosed..

When prevention really is better, cheaper and less painful than the cure!

The end to computer your nightmares

Most practices will not think twice about advising their patients that high cholestrol can lead to heart problems, that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to hypertension, or that bad dietary habits can lead to diabetes. They truly expect patients to listen, heed their advice and then make whatever changes are necessary for their own health and well-being. Afterall who does not want to live a long and productive life, right?

As a long-serving practice IT consultant, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve been called in to recover from a computer disaster at a practice, only to find the doctor and staff “surprised” that neglect caused the failure in the first place.

The sad truth is that many disasters can be avoided through routine proper maintenance. Yet how often do we not find that computer noises are ignored, computer freeze-ups happen all the time and intermittent restarts are accepted as normal?

The message is clear: look after your computer while it still works. Data recovery is expensive, traumatic and seldom do you emerge untainted by the experience. So while you still have a working computer, click here right now to book your service. With winter being upon us, you could be closer to the brink without even realizing it.

We service our cars at least once a year,

why on earth do are we not doing the same with our practice computers?

Our 64-point R1,200 computer service includes…

  • Comprehensive computer hardware service – keyboard and mouse included
  • Repair and reload Windows if required. Update all peripheral driver software
  • Check and optimise internet connections
  • Stage 1 and 2 computer virus detection and recovery. Update antivirus software and database
  • Hot security backup of your Practice Accounts data
  • We collect and deliver (allow for 3 days)

Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng.

Better Practice Management CC


Watch this video to tell if your harddrive is failing

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About Medinol:
Medinol is one of the few purpose-built practice management application to meet the unique needs of independent private healthcare providers. Today Medinol helps over 130 providers throughout South Africa run more efficient and profitable practices, while delivering outstanding patient care. As an on-premise software, Medinol and the data it manages, is fully under your control. This enhances your independence and privacy: what happens in your rooms, stays in your rooms. Medinol helps manage your patient information, generates your billings, submits your claims, control your outstandings, and get your accounts paid quickly. Medinol has been in operation since 1984 demonstrating its proven efficacy. Medinol’s mission is to help independent practices succeed in an ever-changing healthcare environment. More information can be found at http://medinol.co.za.


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Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng.
Founder and CEO
Email: info@medinol.co.za
Ph: 021-906-2296
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