Top 5 Bank-Breaking Surgery IT Melt-Downs

When your computers or software aren’t functioning properly, your practice can suffer. You depend heavily on technology these days, and when something goes wrong, it can have a huge impact on your practice — whether failing to communicate with medical aids, patients, missing deadlines, or not being able to make online payments.

Your practice is affected when:
you lose Internet connectivity due to viruses, malware or other malicious attacks on your computers (accidental or otherwise). Even though you might think “connectivity” is a telecom problem, it often starts with individual computers. Viruses and malware can take over your connection and render browsers useless.
your email goes down — whether it’s Microsoft Outlook, Google, or some other cloud- or server-based system. These communications programs can become corrupted or be improperly backed-up.
your local network files are misplaced or lost due to not having online backup or other miscues. Files are often disorganized and prone to access confusion because data resides on different computers or employees save them to the wrong places.
your office productivity programs — like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Pastel — fail to load properly or crash frequently.
your billing and claiming applications fail, putting you hours or days behind. Many practices are impacted negatively when their Medical or Dental Practice Management Software or other applications experience downtime due to a variety of computer issues.

When these incidents crop up, the costs can be devastating to your day-to-day productivity, communication and cash-flow. You lose time, patients, standing with the medical aids, trust, and real money.

So, how do you defend yourself against these common risk factors without spending tons of money on an in-house IT staff or calling an expensive consultant? Is there an alternative to packing up your computer and taking it to a computer retailer for a three-day repair turn-around? Do you need to waste three hours of your afternoon (or late night!) on hold with tech support and then talking with an impatient IT support person?

Fortunately there are sane alternatives. In addition to Emergency Computer Tech Support, Computer Repair Cape Town offers cost-effective remote tech support plans designed specifically for medical and dental practices. Whether you are a practice manager or own your own practice, our expert gurus get you up-and-running fast — without the “geek speak.” We handle every type of computer and virtually every software problem imaginable. We fix it quickly and efficiently so you can get your practice back on track. Give us a try today at Computer Repair Cape Town.

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