Time to Leave Windows XP Behind

Support for Windows XP officially ended last April


That’s it.  It’s finished.  Done.  No more.  Don’t expect to see any future patches, services packs, fixes, hotfixes, critical updates, anything — if you’re one of the remaining admittedly large percentage of users holding out till the end, you’re already at the mercy of the elements in the Wild Wild West of computing. 

So, what does that actually mean?  Simple: You have to upgrade.  There are no buts about it; staying on Windows XP is a bit like seeing a waterfall ahead on a river and opting to stay in the boat instead of safely paddling to shore.

You might not know when you’re going to go over the precipice, but it’s likely that something quite bad is going to happen to you at some point in your future.

We’re not just being overdramatic for the sake of it.  Why do you think a number of businesses are spending a small fortune to get their systems upgraded as quickly as they can?

Why do you think that a number of them are likely going to be paying Microsoft a princely sum for XP support after the fact, as they’ve simply been unable to upgrade important devices like, say, ATMs before the big cutoff date?

If you’re still not convinced — or know those that need a little bit of extra convincing — please realise that yes, it’s now time to kick this legacy OS to the curb for good.


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