The importance of backing up your Medical Software Data

The importance of backing up your Medical Software Data

Its vitally important to safely backup your data, and when you are working with sensitive Medical Software data it becomes critical. Can you really afford to not have a secure backup copy of your data?

The vast majority of small-to-medium healthcare providers in South Africa use some form of medical software to run their practices.

As with any software out there, things do go wrong at times: data gets corrupted or deleted, hard drives crash or tape drives fail at the most inopportune time.

The sad reality is that many practices do not have backups, let alone business continuity in mind at all. They often leave backups on the back burner or backup erratically to questionable media. This lack of data security strategies can cost healthcare providers dearly.

Not all backups are created equal

It may be tempting to backup mission critical information to external media such as a flash disk due to perceived simplicity and cost-saving benefits, but this is a short sighted understanding of what a backup strategy entails.

For most practices, however, IT budgets are small to non-existent and the cost of backup hardware might be an off-putting factor.

It is, however, when it comes to data recovery that a cost-effective and comprehensive data backup solution proves to be invaluable.

Better Practice Management on average, helps at least 8 healthcare practices restore data each month.

Here are a few common reasons healthcare practices need data restoration:

  • Data instability caused by updates
  • Data hijacked by Ransomware and rendered unusable
  • Hard drive crash due to load-shedding or other related issues
  • IT equipment theft
  • Accidental deletion
  • Database corruption


Why choose Better Practice Management as your Medical Software Data Restorer?

Our longstanding role of serving the IT needs of healthcare service providers means we have an intimate understanding of how practices run, and their demands on IT systems. We are able to advise our customers on backup best practices.

Our relationship extends to outside recovery experts as well. With Medinol medical billing software, we understand the structure of the database and can advise on best recovery practices.

If needed, we provide after hours support to ensure our clients get their data assets back in place to ensure halthcare practice continuity.

Cloud is becoming an important backup medium

Cloud technology offers security, safety, mobility and affordability benefits simply not available in traditional backup solutions. Imminent POPI and other regulations will demand that you backup your data offsite and securely and if you do not comply you stand the risk of prosecution. More and more people are seeing the benefits that cloud Medical Software data backup can provide.



About Medinol:
Medinol is one of the few purpose-built practice management application to meet the unique needs of independent private healthcare providers. Today Medinol helps over 130 providers throughout South Africa run more efficient and profitable practices, while delivering outstanding patient care. As an on-premise software, Medinol and the data it manages, is fully under your control. This enhances your independence and privacy: what happens in your rooms, stays in your rooms. Medinol helps manage your patient information, generates your billings, submits your claims, control your outstandings, and get your accounts paid quickly. Medinol has been in operation since 1984 demonstrating its proven efficacy. Medinol’s mission is to help independent practices succeed in an ever-changing healthcare environment. More information can be found at


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