Spectramed change of Administrator

Spectramed change of Administrator

Date: 11 July 2018
Kindly take note that as of 01 November 2014 , V-Med administrators will no longer administer Spectramed claims , The new administrator Agility Global Health Solutions will be administering Spectramed claims for Doctors , Pharmacy and hospital claims.
Please take note that the Switching codes for Spectramed will remain ( ROSP0000 / 522P).
*** Medinol users: EDI CODE 522 (No “P”)
Kindly take note that for today only MediSwitch will be rejecting all Spectramed claims as “ Mediswitch will not accept your claims via MediSwitch “
Kindly resend affected claims as of 01 November
Please refer to the attached document for further information as well as important contact numbers.
Spectramed contact details
Existing contact details will be retained
Call Centre: 0861 497 497
Fax Number: 0861 492 492
Kind regards


Medinol is one of the few purpose-built practice management application to meet the unique needs of independent private healthcare providers.

Today Medinol helps over 130 providers throughout South Africa run more efficient and profitable practices, while delivering outstanding patient care.

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