Mediswitch Minimum Billing Rate 2014

Effective from 1st January 2014 the minimum billing amount for your practice will be R 225.00 (excluding VAT).

At MediSwitch our core purpose is to improve the administration efficiencies of healthcare professionals and during the past year we’ve completed a number of projects towards achieving this.

Our auto reconcilable electronic Remittance Advice (eRA) payment delivery service now covers 33 schemes which includes all schemes administered by Discovery Health, Metropolitan Health Group (MHG), Medihelp, Samwumed and VMed and is available to practices who have registered with MediSwitch for this. While all registered practices will receive eRA’s in printable format, our SwitchOn accredited Practice Management System practices will benefit from the automatic reconciliation facility. The biggest benefit to the practice is the time saved in payment reconciliation where all matched payments are auto-reconciled and the short paid items are automatically moved to patient liable.

As more and more practices are realizing the benefits of online real-time (OLRT) claiming, we increased our OLRT claims delivery service to a number of additional medical schemes including Topmed and Midmed. We are constantly working at adding more medical schemes to our real-time service and 2014 will be no exception.

Real-time benefit checking is available from WEBDesk for schemes administered by Metropolitan Health Group (MHG) and Discovery Health, offering practices member eligibility and benefit verification to help simplify and streamline patient admissions and administration. The easy-to-read benefit check responses enable practices to see important benefit availability and co-payment information.

Last but not least, a number of improvements were finalised within WEBDesk in order to make it even more user-friendly for our practices to easily do Membership Status Validations, Benefit Checking, to retrieve Proof of Delivery- and Management Reports together with a host of other features and benefits.

As technology moves more and more to tablet computers, MediSwitch customers can utilize ClaimWatch on their iPads to monitor their MediSwitch claims activity. This application is free of charge and will allow the medical practitioner to effortlessly keep tabs on how their practice is performing. Please visit our website for details.

Also keep in mind that MediSwitch does not charge for claims rejected by ourselves for correction and resubmission by your practice.

Please advise us if you wish to register your practice for the eRA service. While we offer the best electronic transaction and value added services, our cost remains significantly less than the market average.



About Medinol:
Medinol is one of the few purpose-built practice management application to meet the unique needs of independent private healthcare providers. Today Medinol helps over 130 providers throughout South Africa run more efficient and profitable practices, while delivering outstanding patient care. As an on-premise software, Medinol and the data it manages, is fully under your control. This enhances your independence and privacy:¬†what happens in your rooms, stays in your rooms. Medinol helps manage your patient information, generates your billings, submits your claims, control your outstandings, and get your accounts paid quickly. Medinol has been in operation since 1984 demonstrating its proven efficacy. Medinol’s mission is to help independent practices succeed in an ever-changing healthcare environment. More information can be found at


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