ICD 10 Codes For Dental Practice

This ICD-10 List is Required By Dentists For Billing Purposes!

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  • Diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues – K04K04.0 PulpitisK04.1 Necrosis of pulpK04.2 Pulp degeneration ( pulp stones, sclerosis)K04.3 Abnormal hard tissue formation in pulp (2ndary dentine)K04.4 Acute apical periodontitis of pulpal originK04.5 Chronic apical periodontitisK04.6 Periapical abscess with sinusK04.7 Periapical abscess without sinus (dental abscess)

    K04.8 Radicular cyst

    K04.9 Other and unspecified diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues

    Gingivitis and periodontal diseases K05

    K05.0 Acute gingivitis

    K05.1 Chronic gingivitis

    K05.2 Acute Periodontitis ( includes acute pericoronitis)

    K05.3 Chronic Periodontitis ( includes chronic pericoronitis)

    K05.4  Periodontosis (juvenile)

    K05.5 Other periodontal disease

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    can someone pls tell me what the icd10 code will be for restoring a childs teeth after a fall at home while playing. both teeth broke but was not lost / extracted
    they were fixed using procedure codes 8354 (51) and 8353 (62)

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  4. Nano Monyamane

    may i please ask how do i access the other ICD 10 codes. im looking for the ICD 10 code we use for missing tooth.

    thank you

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