Discovery Extended Consultation

Premier Practice Extended Consultation code

Effective January 2015, Discovery Health will require additional procedure codes for the Premier Practice extended consultation.
The agreement will be limited to GPs on Premier Practice which is an arrangement to define appropriate care delivery and benefit principles for the management of specified chronic conditions by GPs.
Based on the initial consultation the practice will have the opportunity to charge a higher consultation rate for an initial, once per annum, extended consultation by using the following billing code:
· Description Personal Health Programme Consultation
· Tariff amount R600
It is important to note
Your urgent assistance in reviewing your PMA’s ability to manage alphanumeric procedure codes and confirming with Discovery Health, on your capacity to complete all development required to manage the new codes by the go live date of 1 January 2015 would be highly appreciated.
You are welcome to email me at or if you have any questions about this.