Biggest Medical Aids Tariff Hikes 2018

How much more Medical Aid Members will have to pay in 2018

The majority of South Africa’s biggest medical aid schemes have released their prices for 2018, showing below 10% increases across all plans.

According to the latest statistics released by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), there are currently 82 medical aid schemes operating in South Africa with a total subscription of just under 8.9 million members as at December 2016.

Discovery remains the largest medical aid scheme in the country, with over 2.7 million members.

This is followed by the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) with 1.8 million members, and the Bonitas Medical Fund, with just under 680,000 members.

Due to the nature of medical aids, and how each scheme is structured to cater for different hospital networks and cover different medical needs, it’s incredibly difficult to compare like for like, especially on price.

However, with all medical aids now releasing their contribution structures for 2018, the tables below outline the price changes among the biggest* (open) schemes for next year.




Scheme2017 Cost for principle member2018 Cost for principle memberChange
ExecutiveR5 544R5 9507.3%
Classic ComprehensiveR4 506R4 8827.1%
Essential ComprehensiveR3 787R4 1028.3%
Classic PriorityR2 968R3 2148.3%
Essential PriorityR2 551R2 7638.3%
Classic SaverR2 577R2 7737.6%
Essential SaverR2 047R2 2037.6%
Classic SmartR1 535R1 6477.3%
Essential SmartR1 100R1 1807.3%
Classic CoreR1 918R2 0647.6%
Essential CoreR1 648R1 7737.6%
KeyCare PlusR914 – R1 906R990 – R2 0648.3%
KeyCare AccessR644 – R1 863R697 – R2 0188.3%
KeyCare CoreR731 – R1 408R792 – R1 5258.3%


Scheme2017 Cost for principle member2018 Cost for principle memberChange
BonComprehensiveR 5 254R5 7749.9%
BonClassicR3 648R4 0099.9%
BonCompleteR2 923R3 2129.9%
BonSaveR2 135R2 3047.9%
BonFitR1 789R1 9307.9%
BonEssentialR1 473R1 6048.9%
StandardR2 998R3 2658.9%
Standard SelectR2 597R2 8288.9%
PrimaryR1 924R2 0767.9%
Hospital PlusR2 636R2 8979.9%
Hospital StandardR1 665R1 8309.9%


Scheme2017 Cost for principle member2018 Cost for principle memberChange
Pace 4R6 096R6 6088.4%
Pace 3R5 097R5 3705.4%
Pace 2R4 315R4 6678.2%
Pace 1R3 055R3 3128.4%
Pulse 2R4 365R4 7328.4%
Pulse 1R1 823R1 9768.4%
Beat 4R3 618R3 9228.4%
Beat 3R2 359R2 5588.4%
Beat 2R1 554R1 6858.4%
Beat 1R1 257R1 3638.4%


Scheme2017 Cost for principle member2018 Cost for principle memberChange
Dimension EliteR3972R42727.6%
Dimension Prime 3R2730R29407.7%
Dimension Prime 2R2136R23108.1%
Dimension Prime 1R1608R17287.5%
NecesseR438 – R1932R474 – R20767.4% – 8.2%

* Momentum Health is yet to release its prices for 2018.

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