2019 Discovery Health Medical Aid Fees

Discovery Health Medical Scheme is the largest open medical scheme in South Africa, covering nearly 2.8 million beneficiaries at 31 December 2017, and with an open medical scheme market share of approximately 56%.

According to Discovery, it estimates total medical inflation for 2018 at between 11.2% and 12.2%, with the variance due to utilisation trends in different health plan options.

“However, risk management by Discovery Health and the ongoing positive impact of the Vitality wellness programme on members’ health, will reduce medical inflation by 2%, resulting in contribution increases that are within the corridor of 3% to 4% above CPI after allowing for the required adjustment for VAT,” it said.

With CPI sitting at 5.1% in July, a CPI + 4% increase puts the industry range at 9.1%.

The new prices for all 27 of Discovery’s plans for 2019 are detailed in the tables below, along with how much they have increased.

The tables show the total contribution (including for medical saving, where applicable) for the main member.


Plan20182019% change
Executive PlanR5 950R6 5419.9%


Plan20182019% change
Classic ComprehensiveR4 882R5 36810.0%
Classic Delta ComprehensiveR4 398R4 8349.9%
Classic Comprehensive Zero MSAR3 662R4 0269.9%
Essential ComprehensiveR4 102R4 5099.9%
Essential Delta ComprehensiveR3 694R4 06210.0%


Plan20182019% change
Classic PriorityR3 214R3 5018.9%
Essential PriorityR2 763R3 0108.9%


Plan20182019% change
Classic SaverR2 773R3 0218.9%
Classic Delta SaverR2 214R2 4128.9%
Essential SaverR2 203R2 4008.9%
Essential Delta SaverR1 758R1 9158.9%
Coastal SaverR2 160R2 3739.9%


Plan20182019% change
Classic SmartR1 647R1 7948.9%
Essential SmartR1 180R1 2858.9%


Plan20182019% change
Classic CoreR2 064R2 2488.9%
Classic Delta CoreR1 652R1 7998.9%
Essential CoreR1 773R1 9318.9%
Essential Delta CoreR1 417R1 5438.9%
Coastal CoreR1 610R1 7709.9%


The KeyCare Plus ranges have changed from R0 to R12,200 and R12,201+, to R0 to R13,050 and R13,051+, while the Access product has been dropped and a Start product has been added.

Therefore no price increases are shown below, just the new fees for 2019.

KeyCare Plus 0 – 13 050R1 456
KeyCare Plus 13 051+R2 249
KeyCare Core 0 – 13 050R1 038
KeyCare Core 13 051+R1 661
KeyCare Start 0 – 9 150R839
KeyCare Start 9 151 – 13 050R1 412
KeyCare Start 13 051+R2 198

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