2015 Tariffs|Rates

2015 Tariffs|Rates2015 Tariffs – Medical and Dental


Don’t you just love this time of the year? NOT!!! The scrumaging around for the new year’s tariffs, the uncertainty, and the effort it takes to review and update tariffs and prices for fees to be used in 2015?


Medical Practitioners (GP’s)

The 2015 Tariffs encompasses consultations, procedures and special rates (insurance companies, etc). As per previous years, we choose the route of lowest common denominator. This is motivated by the overarching need to preserve year-end (slow month) cash flow, by avoiding medical aid rejections at all costs.

By way of example, what we do, in the case of say urine analysis, where different medical aids pay different rates, we choose to deploy the lowest rate/tariff to make sure we get paid by all medical schemes.

Medinol Medical Users:

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medicine prices, drug prices - 2015 Tariffs|RatesAlso, if dispensing is your thing, we have an update for these as well. Our Lazy Dispensing GP’s Genie will provide a comprehensive lookup of all medication showing SEP and dispensing (SELLING) price. Click here to get it.

Non-Medinol Medical Practitioners:

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Dental Practitioners (Dentists)

2015 Tariffs|Rates

The 2015 Tariffs encompasses consultations, procedures and laboratory fees. As in previous years, the size of this file is in the region of 880 records. Depending on your respective patient volumes, you can elect to choose either the 2015 Discovery Rates, DENIS Rates or GEMS Rates.

Danger with 2015 Discovery rates: if you are contracted in and you charge one cent more than the published tariffs, payment will be made to the member, not you. If you persist in this behavior (without correcting), your practice will be deemed as non-compliant and yours will be flagged internally by Discovery as being eligible for non-direct payment. This means all payments will be made to the member, not you.

MEDINOL Practice Management Software-ONLY Dental Users:

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2. Click here to get your 2015 GEMS/MHG-Based Dental Tariffs Update.

3. Click here to get your 2015 DENIS Dental Tariffs Update.


Otherwise, Non-Medinol Dental Practitioners:

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2015 Tariffs|Rates




About Medinol:
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